Pulstar DG-1 Pulse Plug, Pack of 2

Pulstar DG-1 Pulse Plug of 2
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Pulstar DG-1 Pulse Plug, Pack of 2

by Pulstar

  • Pulse plugs are made to increase fuel economy, horsepower and torque by burning fuel more efficiently
  • Helps reduce green house gases by as much as 10%, based on fuel-savings estimate
  • Pulse plugs increase horsepower and torque by providing 10 times more peak power than spark plugs; generating more pressure in the cylinder and greater torque to crankshaft
  • Guaranteed not to void the manufacturers warranty or damage any engine when properly installed
  • Made in the USA
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  1. Brand: Pulstar
  2. Package: 3.9 x 2 x 1 inches
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The Technology: Pulse plugs incorporate a pulse circuit, which stores incoming electrical energy from the ignition system and releases the stored energy in a powerful pulse of power. Instead of 50 watts of peak power typical of all spark plugs, pulse plugs deliver up to 10 times more peak power. It takes electrical power to light fuel. The more power (watts) the better. Fuel Economy: Pulstar pulse plugs look and fit like spark plugs, but Pulstar incorporates an internal capacitor that delivers a more powerful spark than a spark plug which reduces cycle-to-cycle variation increasing fuel economy and reducing associated greenhouse gases. Horse Power: Pulse plugs improve the performance of your vehicle as well as the performance of all aftermarket performance products. Pulse plugs simply ignite fuel better and should be the very first step in improving your engines performance. Torque: Increase towing capacity at its source by replacing your spark plugs with Pulstar pulse plugs. You can actually improve low-end torque and towing capacity simply by installing Pulstar in your vehicle. This is because of the unique way Pulstar ignites fuel and generates additional cylinder pressure.
The Pulstar pulse plug represents the first technological advancement in spark plug design in the past 100 years. Enerpulse, the manufacturer of the Pulstar pulse plug, develops ignition products through the application of Pulsed Power Technology (PPT). Pulstar pulse plugs were designed to increase peak power of the spark plug so it can ignite gasoline in the engines cylinder more completely with less cycle-to-cycle variation. The result is more engine torque, more horsepower, and better fuel economy.

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Test results show significant improvements over spark plugs.
Better Fuel Economy
Pulstar pulse plugs improve engine efficiency at the very moment of ignition by increasing the spark volume and energy density. Increasing the energy density of the spark makes ignition more precise with less cycle-to-cycle variation resulting in better fuel economy and driving performance than available from spark plugs.

Increase Horsepower and Torque
Pulstar pulse plugs look and fit like spark plugs, but incorporate an internal capacitor to deliver a spark 10 times more powerful than a spark plug. This faster ignition burns more of the fuel in the combustion chamber, generating more pressure in the cylinder. The increased cylinder pressure pushes the piston down with more force, which in turn, generates more torque to the crankshaft, more liveliness to the throttle, and more power to the wheels.

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The Pulse circuit releases a powerful pulse of power.
Test Data
Recent tests demonstrate that Pulstar pulse plugs improved the fuel economy on 2005 and 2007 Prius Hybrid vehicles by 6% to 8%, or approximately 3-mpg. This 3-mpg increase produced by Pulstar means that over its life of approximately 4 years, carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 1,344 pounds or over half a ton, making it evident even small changes like changing your spark plugs can translate into big differences for the planet.

Product Guarantee
Pulstar pulse plugs are safe to use in all vehicles. They come with a 30-day no questions asked return policy and are guaranteed not to void your cars manufacturer warranty or damage your engine when properly installed.
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Worst product ever, July 27, 2009
Happy2B (Sedona, AZ 86336 USA)
Bought these for my RAV4 to save on gas expense. Wound up costing me a lot more. Was out shopping one day and my RAV started missing so bad that the car would barely keep running. Limped to a garage and found that one of these plugs was totally fried. Had them put in new plugs- so with the cost of the pulstars, a new set of standard plugs, and the shop labor fees I wound up spending well over $200.00. Some savings...

Horrible product, July 21, 2009
K. Hall "Realrammstein" (Bay Area, CA)
I put a set of six of these things in my 350z. In less than a year one of them actually split! I have never ever heard of a spark plug splitting (in anything resembling normal application). Do not buty these overpriced things.

Not worth the money!, November 7, 2009
D. Andujar "InfoMan" (USA)
I bought 4 of these Pulstar for my toyota matrix XRS and they only lasted 1 year. One of the plugs burned out and I replaced them with the Iridium plugs that originaly came with the car. The original plugs lasted 6 years without any problems, I replaced them thinking that these Pulstar would last longer but what a dissapointment. I did see a slight improvement on fuel efficiency but not worth the money paying for these plugs. I don't agree with the reviewer that gave these plugs 4 stars that you need to install them proffesionally, please.... I've been working on cars for a long time and their is nothing special about these plugs. You have to make sure you have the right gap on the spark plugs that's about it. I know for a fact that Toyota cars are very propietary and they're a lot of parts that must be from Toyota or the vehicle won't function properly. I've been working on cars for a long while and that has been my experience with Toyota. Manufactures want to make extra money.

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