NGK ZFR5F-11 V-Power Spark Plug

NGK ZFR5F-11 V-Power Spark Plug

Product Description

Economical performance and improved ignitability over standard NGK Spark Plugs original equipment manufacturer and racer approved. Lowers ignition system voltage requirements. Greater ignitability and performance over conventional spark plugs. Increased fuel economy and lower emissions. Highly durable against electrical and chemical wear.

Product Features

  • 45 degree V-Power center electrode increases anti-fouling characteristics and performance
  • Increased fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Lowers ignition system voltage requirements
  • Greater ignitability and performance over conventional spark plugs
  • Trivalent metal plating has superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties

Customer Reviews

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Perfect fit, October 18, 2013
Jerry M. Hoffman "Michael" (Tracy, CA)
Perfect fit for my 2013 Jeep patriot. In fact these are the exact same plugs installed by the factory on my Jeep.
It's easy to change on a Jeep, took 15 minutes to change all four. I would get a magnetic 5/8 spark plug socket though because the plugs are DEEP in the engine cover and you dont want to lose one down there. Spark plug gap should be set to .044

Trust OEM, April 19, 2012
I had a set of IK16 Denso plugs in my d16 for 15k and they were worn out, supposedly good to 30k....

I went back to the OEM plugs that came with the car from the factory (these ones) and they came gaped properly and work well, seems to run better than it did with the IK16's

Working as expected with better mileage, September 10, 2012
I have an 2000 Honda Civic LX, and I change my sparks every 30,000 miles as suggested by the manual. My car has approximately 120,000 miles, and I get an average of 36 miles (with 65-70 miles per hour) per gallon in highways. After changing the spark, the car gets 38 miles for a while, so I am happy with it.
I did not buy a more expensive NGK (like iridium sparks) because I have to change them regularly. All used NGK spark look OK when I pulled them out after 30 K, so I think these are good products.

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